Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Action Alert: Tell Orange County Commissioner to Fund Public Transit

Could you imagine having to leave 3 hours early for work just so you could be on time? Lynx transit riders do. Or, having to work 8 hours straight without a bathroom break? Lynx bus drivers do.

While Lynx's ridership is growing, the bus service in Central Florida is becoming less sustainable. A dedicated funding source is needed so services can improve with more routes, better timing and good transit jobs. It is up to the elected officials on Lynx board to make dedicated funding a reality in their respective commissions. This is been an ongoing struggle for years and now that Sun rail is coming, we must send a clear message that bus funding cannot be left behind.

The People's Transit Movement has very simple demands:

  • Keep Lynx Transit Public and equitable for all communities.
  • For County Commissioners to find a dedicated funding source for Lynx Transit.
  • Expand public transit services as an investment for good transit jobs and services.

    We the undersigned are voting transit rider of Lynx Bus Services and supporters of public transportation. We are advocating that Orange County Commissioners collectively engage in supporting a source of dedicated funding that will generate new sources of revenue to support our current Lynx services. We are in support of our Orange County Commissioners passing an ordinance that would allocate dedicated funding revenue for Lynx bus services.
    Equitable public transportation is essential to Central Florida communities. We are in support of a transit system that is funded public, investing in good transit jobs and expanding fixed route service.
    Thank you for your special attention and insight into the importance of public transportation.

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